Mapping Aspen

PolygonOur knowledge of Aspen distribution and status is limited.  Without this information, it is impossible to develop a coherent strategy for its management and expansion.

The Aspen 2020 Project is gathering and sharing information on Aspen distribution through the  interactive mapping facility available on this website.

It is also surveying selected stands and assessing their status and management potential.  

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Reasonably comprehensive surveys have been undertaken in some areas, such as South Loch Ness.  In key areas, once sufficient data have been collected, network modelling software (such as BEETLE) will be used to inform the development of Aspen habitat networks through new planting.

If you would like to contribute to the mapping project, please go to Mapping.

This article has some files available for download:
pdf type file South Loch Ness Aspen REPORT