How to submit records

There are two ways to submit your records:

  • you can submit records of Aspen stand ONLINE by clicking on "Submit a record"
  • if you have more than a handful of data, you may prefer to e-mail SHP files or Excel data for a BULK UPLOAD.   Download a template here.


Submitting records online is straightforward.  Each record should describe a sigle "stand".  Aspen stands range in size from a single tree to extensive woodlands.  They may comprise pure Aspen, or they may occur in a mix with other species, such as birch.  If you need guidance on how to define a stand, consult the Guidance Notes.

Click on “Submit a record”:  On your first visit, you will be asked to register, and to supply a user name and password.  Use these to log in at each visit.

Place name:  Give a short and concise place name e.g "Disused quarry east of Errogie" (max 200 characters).  (You can provide more detail in the Notes field.)

Location of stand:  You can either submit your record as a point or as polygon.  For guidance on which to choose, read

To enter a point:  EITHER enter the coordinates (e.g. as an Ordnance Survey grid reference) OR place your point on the map.

To enter a point or a polygon on :  go to "View map" and enter points and polygons using the tools at the top right of the map.




Drawing a polygon

When you are satisfied with the plotting of your point or polygon, click "Next", and answer the remaining questions on the status and size of the stand. ( Note that some of these questions are optional.)

You can then upload one or more photographs.






If you have GIS data (points or polygons), you can e-mail these and the database manager will upload these.

If you have records with OS grid references, these need to be copied into an Excel speadsheet.  You can download a template by clicking on the attachment below.


For newly-registered users, the database manager has to accept new records.  This is to allow the vetting of records, and check no rubbish (or worse) is submitted.  Once accepted, the records will appear on the map.  They may appear as Unverified records if no photo is attached.


If you need more guidance on submitting records, contact the site manager.

This article has some files available for download:
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