Why map Aspen?

Why do we need to map aspen?uk nbn

Aspen is widespread, but it is generally uncommon.  It occurs in almost every 10 km square in UK, but in many areas it is represented only by a few trees on a crag.

With your help, we are hoping to build up a more complete picture of Aspen distribution in Scotland.  If you know of Aspen stands, check the map to see if they have been recorded.  If not, you can submit your records.  Once your records have been verified, they will be added to the database.


One of the reasons for mapping Aspen stands is that it enables woodland managers to take a strategic approach to managing Aspen woodlands.   They will, for instance, be able to reinforce and establish networks of Aspen habitat by planting new Aspen-rich woodlands as 'stepping-stones'.  These habitat networks will support species which depend on Aspen and help them to disperse from one stand to the next. Learn more about habitat networks.

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