A collection of useful links related to Scottish Aspen.

Aspen 2020 blog
This blog was started in December 2008. With lots of images of Aspen in all seasons, it documents some of the work being undertaken to promote Aspen across Scotland.
Coille Alba
A small charity based in the north of Scotland, Coille Alba's mission is to support the sustainable management of native woodlands for the benefit of woodland owners, local communities and the wider public. Coille Alba provides management advice and contracting services to the owners and managers of native woodlands. It disseminates information and training in various aspects of native woodland management through publications and workshops. Coille Alba also creates opportunities for local communities and volunteers to become actively involved in native woodland management. Coille Alba leads the Aspen 2020 Project.
Trees for Life
Trees for Life have been working to restore the Caledonian Forest in an area to the west of Inverness and Loch Ness covering 1000 square miles. As part of this ambitious project, they have focussed much attention on Aspen, and planted many Aspen trees grown in their own nursery.