Welcome to the Scottish Aspen website

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Aspen is generally scarce in Scotland's native woodlands. Largely overlooked until recently, Aspen has been found to support a wide range of animal and plant species not associated with other trees.  With greater recognition, Aspen has the potential to deliver considerable benefits for biodiversity, landscape, freshwater systems and timber production.

In partnership with others, Coille Alba is leading a project "Aspen 2020" to restore Aspen to its rightful place in the Scottish landscape.

This website provides a forum for gathering and sharing information on Aspen in Scotland. In particular, it offers an online facility to view and record the location of Aspen stands throughout Scotland. If you want to help build up a picture of Aspen distribution, please add your records to the map.

It also features news about publications, activities, events and volunteering opportunities, and links to related websites.

Aspen will thrive almost anywhere in the Scottish environment, from the treeline through glens and straths down to sea-level. If you own or manage woodlands and would like to regenerate or plant Aspen, please contact us.